R. Mallory Starr, Jr., CMC

R. Mallory Starr, Jr., CMC

Early in his career, Dr. Starr worked in New York City in a trust administration position at Chase Manhattan Bank and part-time on market research projects at the J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency. His experience includes: software research and development at Pennsylvania State University; and clinical psychological services in private child and family guidance centers and private practice. From 1977 until 1994 he worked part-time as a psychologist and internal consultant at Group Health Association and assisted with the organization’s sale and transition to Humana. His work at GHA Humana progressed from psychological services to quality assurance system development and auditing; consultation on people problems organization wide; marketing research and development; planning; and Board sponsored advisory task groups.

Since 1994, Dr. Starr has been in management consulting practice, as Director of two consulting firms: Georgetown Consulting, Inc. and Prodesse Business and Engineering Consultants, LLC. He was also the Director and Co-Founder of the Presidential Museums Foundation and Past President of the Institute of Management Consultants, Inc. for the National Capital Region.  He is currently a Director of The Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group, LLC and continues to serve as an advisor to several business organizations. As of 2004, Dr. Starr was appointed as President of the US Asian Cultural Academy which is a partnering organization between several China Universities, the US Library of Congress, Asian Division and business groups. The main focus of his work is on corporate development, specifically management auditing; marketing research and development; alliance development, planning and consultation targeted to change management; executive and manager coaching; and implementation programs. As a result of his experience, Dr. Starr has developed methodologies which have resulted in significant client success. A major theme of his work is to internally strengthen an organization – whether it is a small family business, a team, or company division – so that it can achieve external market place success.

Since 1990, Dr. Starr has been an active investor – specifically learning and implementing quantitative and qualitative methodologies applied to investment decisions. This includes computer assisted value screening and stock selection as well as qualitative factors related to management evaluation. He has been a partner in a private investment partnership and is a member of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC).

He has also served on the Boards of several nonprofit organizations, in some cases as an officer and fundraiser at the corporate and planned giving levels. He is currently on the Board of the US Asian Cultural Academy, Inc. on which he has served as President since 2006.

Dr. Starr has an interdisciplinary formal education in psychology, sociology, and business areas. He received an AA degree from Boston University; BA degree from W.VA. Wesleyan College; M.Ed. degree and Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) from Springfield College Graduate School; and PhD from Pacific Western University as well as post graduate studies at Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Starr has been known to say, “My life is not all work.” He has fun with his wife and family traveling extensively in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and South America. He also enjoys reading, theatre and tennis.