Jing Bao, MD, PhD

Jing Bao, MD, PhD

Jing Bao, MD, PhD, began her career as a physician specializing in respiratory diseases, especially pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). TB is an ancient disease but still a serious public health threat that disproportionally affects poor people. As the first Director of the Zhuhai’s TB center In-Patient Department, Dr. Bao planned and implemented health care programs specifically designed to combat TB.

Her international experience began in 1996 when she was the only delegate from China invited by the Foreign Minister of Israel to participate in a global health delivery systems and hospital management workshop attended by experts from 26 different countries. She later spent 6 years in Israel conducting molecular biology research at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (with Prof. Shraga Segal) and the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science (with Prof. Yosef Yarden). One of her research discoveries on grown factor signal transduction in cancer published in a world-leading journal was considered to be one of “the most important discoveries of the year.”

Dr. Bao came to the United States in 2002 as a Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute, one of the 27 institutions of National Institutes of Health. During the past 12 years she has gained extensive knowledge and experience on biomedical research, project management, technology transfer, drug safety regulation and pharmacovigilance, and clinical trial oversight. Currently Dr. Bao is a Medical Officer overseeing and managing a clinical trial portfolio on HIV/AIDS and TB. She is responsible for the overall design, development, and implementation of these multi-center studies that take place in over 15 countries including South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Peru, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, India, and China.

Dr. Bao has been a speaker or panelist at many international conferences throughout the world. She has organized and facilitated over 10 international workshops or conferences sessions to promote science through collaborations with a goal to improve global health. Her leadership and interpersonal communication skills have resulted in many successful collaborations and initiatives between US and Chinese scientists and public health officials.

Dr. Bao has received many awards for her scientific discoveries, patient care, and leadership skills from China, Israel, and the USA.