Edward Moawad, Esq.

Edward Moawad, Esq.

Currently Mr. Moawad is the founder and managing partner of Moawad, P.C., a boutique law firm that specializes in intellectual property, technology transfer and licensing, nonprofit organizations, international trade, taxation, and general corporate law. Mr. Moawad has served as lead counsel in a seminal constitutional and human rights lawsuit on behalf of a jailed and a well-known Iranian journalist, Isa Saharkhiz. The defendants in Mr. Saharkhiz’s case were multiple global conglomerates that included Siemens, A.G. of Germany and Nokia Corporation of Finland.

In addition to being a civil litigator, Mr. Moawad counsels clients on intellectual property protection and licensing matters, as well as trademark, copyright, and unfair practices in businesses that range from giants in the entertainment industry to pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, he lectures extensively on various legal topics including, corporate and business law, and intellectual property protection, trademarks and copyrights laws. Mr. Moawad has appeared for interviews on television, radio and print.

Prior to his current legal career, Mr. Edward Moawad was an active participant at The Johns Hopkins University and other prominent academic institutions in the research of molecular biology and biomedical engineering. More specifically, his intensive efforts focused on innovative nanotechnology methods and atomic force microscopy.

Mr. Moawad is involved extensively in charitable work. In addition to a broad pro bono publico practice within his own law firm, Mr. Moawad volunteers at the Fairfax Bar Association Northern Virginia Pro Bono Law Center, including its “Wills on Wheels” program, whose volunteers provide legal counseling on trusts and estates and draft wills and health directives for the underserved and disabled citizens of Virginia. He served as a member of the boards of directors at two nonprofit organizations: CrisisLink (providing suicide prevention and grief counseling services); Global Bees and Green Apron, NGOs (multinational humanitarian service organizations supporting sustainable development in impoverished communities abroad – principally Haiti and Benin); Enlightened Initiative (providing leadership training to immigrant youth living in economic hardship or culturally isolated neighborhoods); Global Deaf Muslims (addressing the needs and rights of deaf people around the globe); and International Center for Research and Enlightenment (“ICREE”).

On a personal level, Mr. Moawad’s interactions with dynamic members of Washington’s scientific, legal, nonprofit, and business circles allow him to build bridges as an open-minded American from the Middle East who defies stereotypes in everyday life and who presents a positive image of an often misunderstood segment of society.